PJ Santoro

Managing Partner
Chief CRM Strategist

PJ is the Managing Partner of C[IQ].  She brings over 25 years of direct multi-channel marketing experience to bear on helping clients develop and implement strategies for customer-centric marketing initiatives that deliver demonstrative revenue growth.  PJ delivers expertise in customer and consumer relationship management, applications, and processes — particularly as applied to digital commerce, retail and catalog operations with global trade considerations.  Ms. Santoro is a specialist in leveraging the social web to achieve more profitable customer touch points through integrated marketing initiatives that respect the consumer empowered nature of social media.

Prior to re-joining C[IQ], PJ spent over five years directing global customer intelligence and retention marketing for Nike (NYSE:NKE).  In progressive roles of responsibility and leadership, Ms. Santoro was an integral part of the launch team for the NIKE Women’s Catalog, growing that line of business from start to $40M per annum in 2 years.  From there she designed and over-saw implementation of Nike’s global marketing database.  By the time PJ departed in June 2009, Nike’s global marketing database had been expanded from the Americas to the EMEA region, with plans on schedule for Asia-Pacific.  The database continues to grow at over 450K new profiles per month and contained over 32M profiles at the close of Nike’s fiscal year (June) 2009.  During her tenure, PJ directed a wide range of direct marketing initiatives that leveraged this database, as well as led the development of customer intelligence dashboards, marketing analytics tools, and infrastructure for loyalty programs.  The success of PJ’s efforts over that time helped NIKE establish a 360-degree view of their ~200 million consumers worldwide – a first-ever in the Company’s 35 year storied history.

Michael Henry

Customer IQ

Co-founding partner Michael Henry is not only a speciliast in consumer behavior, but has considerable experience building retail-level customer facing web sites in the meteoric rise of the World Wide Web for consumer content services such as music and entertainment.  His expertise guides our design of retention marketing initiatives.

Amanda Oborne

Direct Marketing

Partner Amanda Oborne brings a wealth of experience to direct marketing with her knowledge of eMail campaigns, marketing analytics, and direct and loyalty marketing strategies.  Amanda honed her skills at the 360 Group and Intuit Software, makers of Quicken and Quick Books.  She is our resident database marketing specialist

Gregory Miller

Digital Strategy
Chief Technology Officer

Partner Gregory Miller was an early investor in C[IQ] Strategies working in the venture capital sector as a venture adviser and angel investor with NT+D Ventures.  He joined in an operating role in early 2011.  Gregory brings a rich depth of experience as an Internet technology strategist; a technology lawyer, and a trained and experienced software engineer, who has spent the better part of 25 years helping shape what has become the commercial Internet dating back to the NSFnet.  He also has considerable experience from his early years in the development of graphical user interfaces and early technologies like hypertext that would help create the Web. More recently, Greg helped the design and development of the largest patient health history and medical records repository and data management system.  Through his “tours of duty” at pioneering companies Netscape Communications and Medicalogic-Medscape, and the venture capital community he brings technical and business acumen to C[IQ]. He serves as our top technology strategist and our resident technology and privacy lawyer.