About Us

We develop retention marketing solutions to raise your customer IQ and accelerate your digital business

Our Firm got its start in 2000 just as the commercial bubble of the first generation web was bursting.  The Web promised the world, but (for a variety of reasons) delivered an acre.  Yet, one thing was clear to us as we formed C[IQ] Strategies: from commerce to democracy to the very fibers of society, the Internet would change everything.  An equally important observation was that in this always-on society, the consumer decides.  This meant helping business understand how to reach and serve customers in an entirely new manner, where the business became customer centric, not product or service centric.

We came together to be the best at doing just this: retention marketing through digital innovation in an always-on society

What we knew then, and is true now more than ever: it is less expensive to keep a customer than to acquire a new one.  What we didn't know then, and is now the norm: just how "always-on" anywhere, any time, and on demand this digital world would become.

We brought our collective education, training, and work experience from brands including Levi Strauss, Intuit, Netscape Communications, and Nike.  Our 4 partners bring a combined total of over 95 years of experience in brand, database, and direct marketing, digital, Internet, and Web business strategy, as well as software technology design and development, and even venture capital.  This enables us to serve start-ups and established Fortune 1000 businesses alike.

We're a small firm of 9 professionals.  And we like it that way.  Our size allows us to be agile, nimble, focused, and frankly, more affordable.  But then we've never had any aspirations of holding down a fort on Madison Avenue. 

We hope you will explore what we offer and get to know us through this site, our commentary, and our participation in the social web.  We believe that when your business needs help in direct and retention or loyalty marketing, if we've done our job raising your awareness and knowledge of C[IQ], you will choose us for guidance and solution.

PJ Santoro
Founder, Managing Partner