C[IQ]TM Assessment

Understanding your customer intelligence quotient (IQ) is important; raising it as high as possible is imperative. 

Customer intelligence or "C[IQ]" is the heart of our brand, and the domain of our expertise.  Before you can determine what tools you need to raise your C[IQ], whether it be a loyalty program, membership system, social community, marketing database, new analytics, or some combination of these, you need to assess what you already know (or don't know) about your customers today.

Understanding your customers is different from understading your market.  Assessing your customer IQ is about analyzing what knowledge assets you have today and how you apply them to best serve your customers.  We help you assess your existing customer IQ and then help you determine how to improve what you know, so you can better understand and even anticipate your customers' needs and wants.

It is the first step in any retention marketing effort.  Contact us to learn more about this essential service.