Hurricane Sandy to Impact Our Site Availability Shortly

Dear Clients and Readers Alike,

We have some unfortunate news to share.  Our web site, hosted by the amazing people at SquareSpace in NYC will be going offline for an undetermined amount of time beginning at approximately 1:45pm EDT.  Their primary data center, Peer1, in Lower Manhattan lost power yesterday at about 4:30PM local time.  They were able to transition to generator power with enough fuel to last three to four days. (Peer1 stayed online during the last 3 major natural disasters in the area, including a blackout that lasted for days.)

At 8:30PM yesterday, they received reports that the lobby in the data center's building was beginning to take on water. By 10:30PM, as is sadly the case in most of Lower Manhattan, Peer1's basement had experienced serious flooding.  At 5AM, they learned their data center's fuel pumps and fuel tanks were completely flooded and unable to deliver any more fuel.  At 8AM, they reported that the generators would be able to run for a maximum of four more hours.

Unfortunately, this means that our Web Site will be offline soon (our estimate being at 1:45 PM today). They have simply run out of power and backup power, and cannot access their fuel stores in a flooded basement.

SquareSpace and our Tech Support here are working to bring our Web Site back online as soon as possible.  As you have probably read, all bridges and tunnels into and out of Manhattan (save the Lincoln Tunnel) are closed and large portions of the city remain without power.

We will post updates to Twitter via @ciqstrategies and urge you to follow us there.

Our hearts go out to those families who may have lost loved ones in this terrible tragedy and also to those who continue to suffer through the consequences of this historic storm.

Thanks for your patience and understanding.  And please consider a donation to the Red Cross or other authorized disaster relief programs engaged in helping the northweastern portion of our great nation recover from this unprecedented event.

The C[IQ] Strategies Team


Gregory Miller, CTO

Greg has been in the tech sector as a software architect and engineer, product manager, marketing and biz dev exec., and even IP and privacy lawyer for 3 decades. He is currently on the Board of a non-profit tech foundation reinventing America's election technology, is a venture adviser in the Silicon Valley, and serves as the CTO for C[IQ] Strategies, Inc.