iBeacon: Tipping Point for In-store Experience

The release of Apple's groundbreaking iBeacon is sure to be a watershed moment in retail.

When in the physical Apple store, iBeacon texts updates/product offers to the consumer's phone when standing next to a product. For instance, if standing next to the new iPhone, iBeacon will text upgrade options.



Why is this such a big deal? If rolled out on all phone platforms in stores other than Apple, you can anticipate:

  • Personalized offers! Discounts based on the specific situation of a customer.
  • Real-time integration with a marketing database to trigger 1:1 messaging. A marketing data "machine" needs to propel meaningful offers.
  • A reason for consumers to go to the store (increasing foot traffic) for discounts not available online.
  • Retail presences with the capability will have a competitive edge, due to uptick in same store sales, and as consumers begin to expect such promotions while in a store. 

If you wander into a Apple store and experience iBeacon, please post a comment and let us know what your experience consisted of -- and how it "struck" you.