Retail Apocalypse? Not if You Think Outside the Transactions

The retail apocalypse: we’ve all heard about it; many Brands are experiencing it.  So, with 12,000 stores having closed in the past nearly two years, and more than 3,800 retail stores closing in 2018 why have Nike and Levi Strauss & Company recently opened “mega stores” in New York City?  

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Victoria’s Secret: She’s Technically Blind

Perhaps Les Wexner, the CEO of L Brands, owner of Victoria’s Secret, is convinced the Internet won’t kill-off stores and while we’re at it, he’s convinced consumer’s fascination with Smartphones will fade. Seriously, Wexner does not believe Amazon has hurt retailers, or that declining mall traffic perpetuated the closing of over 6,000 retail doors over the past year.  Really...

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Singularity in Experience

Singularity in Experience

Our wheelhouse is developing customer engagement strategies and “Omnichannel” experiences for major consumer-facing brands.  However, one of the truly enjoyable opportunities of our business is helping smaller retail business leverage the digital age to create customer shopping experiences on par with the largest most sophisticated brands.  Today's digital innovations are allowing the customer experiences online and in-store to become virtually one in the same for any size retailer.  Its possible, here's how...

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iBeacon: Tipping Point for In-store Experience

The release of Apple's groundbreaking iBeacon is sure to be a watershed moment in retail.

When in the physical Apple store, iBeacon texts updates/product offers to the consumer's phone when standing next to a product. For instance, if standing next to the new iPhone, iBeacon will text upgrade options.



Why is this such a big deal? If rolled out on all phone platforms in stores other than Apple, you can anticipate:

  • Personalized offers! Discounts based on the specific situation of a customer.
  • Real-time integration with a marketing database to trigger 1:1 messaging. A marketing data "machine" needs to propel meaningful offers.
  • A reason for consumers to go to the store (increasing foot traffic) for discounts not available online.
  • Retail presences with the capability will have a competitive edge, due to uptick in same store sales, and as consumers begin to expect such promotions while in a store. 

If you wander into a Apple store and experience iBeacon, please post a comment and let us know what your experience consisted of -- and how it "struck" you.