CMDB Design

The heart and soul of your marketing machinery is your customer marketing database. 

In order to achieve the so-called "360 degree" view of your customers the foundation of your retention marketing platform must be an underlying database and associated analytical tools and services.  This is essential to better anticipate and serve your customers' needs and wants (not to mention leverage cross-sell and up-sell opportunity). Properly designed and implemented, your CMDB drives all aspects of your retention marketing efforts from conversation building to customer care. 

Backed by decades of direct experience in CMDB design and development for brands from start-ups to the Fortune 500, we provide you advice, counsel, guidance, and services in all aspects of customer marketing databases.

RFP Management

We design, develop, and manage the Request-For processes end-to-end including information (RFI), proposals (RFP) to quotes (RFQ).  With dozens of medium to large-scale CMDB projects under our belts, our know-how in marshaling the acquisition process is verifiably the best in the business.

Services Design

We offer end-to-end design of your CMDB system, from the data model itself to the back-end analytics, reporting, and dashboards.  And we ensure its right-sized to your business because one thing is absolutely certain: one size does not fit all.  We also maintain close strategic alliances with specialized development agencies and firms of different sizes depending on the complexity of your CMDB requirements.

Project Management

This is where we shine.  Serving as your project manager, we remove the complexity, headaches, and heavy lifting of actually building and implementing the CMDB, whether as an outsourced service or an internally maintained asset.  Our project management practices have enabled us to enjoy a near perfect track record of on-time, on budget projects.

Implementation & Integration

Building a CMDB platform is only the first step.  Ensuring the proper implementation of a CMDB that produces actionable information is only part of the challenge.  The return on investment can only occur once the CMDB is properly driving all aspects of your business from direct marketing and eMail campaign management, to loyalty management and customer service facilities.  Integrating those services is the key to real results and delivering on the promise of the 360 degree view of the customer.  We've been there and done that.