Loyalty Management

Right-Sized Strategy

We believe brand management is all about CRM.  Loyalty programs, where appropriate, implement brand management.  loyalty programs are not for every customer relationship management or marketing situation.  We carefully examine your brand to understand the best loyalty strategy right-sized to your brand promise.  And as a direct result, our loyalty programs positively impact frequency, retention, and advocacy.

Goal-Directed Design and Development

We are specialists in motivating and accelerating customer loyalty.  Working closely with one of our strategic technology partners and our application design partner ddo, we can provide the  platform, applications, and user experience to drive demonstrative  return on your investment.

Our loyalty program designs are based on four objectives:

  1. Creating more actionable customer interactions

  2. Increasing social multipliers and influence

  3. Providing an adaptable, extensible, and highly configurable solution

  4. Ensuring mission-critical dependability, reliability, and speed

Our technology partners makes this possible through platforms that supports over 40 programs serving 200 million customers and transacting 5 billion customer purchases annually.