Customer Metrics

An important part of our work and the soul of our own brand is generating, understanding, and applying metrics.  Whether developing geodemographics or simply digging deeper into behavioral tracking data, we're "qaunts" at heart.  We help our clients assess and assimilate the measurements of progress, success, or shortfall of their direct marketing initiatives.

Uniquely, our Firm integrates the metrics of the web with the analytics of marketing to provide a real 360‐degree view and assessment of every customer, client, or constituent and their value to the business.  We can do this for traditional CPG business, professional service firms, and even political campaigns and platforms.

Web and Social Media Analytics

We provide extensive on-site web metrics analysis.  We're well versed in Omniture and other leading tool sets. Whether Coremetrics, Google Analytics, Omniture, PiWik, SAS, or Webtrends our philosophy is to employ the right tool for the right job.  We go beyond analysis to assist you with optimization and tuning of your site for search engine marketing by partnering with WebMama, Inc.

Social media is a relatively new phenomenon, but social media sites like Delicious, Digg, StumbleUpon and other web sites have become an important source of traffic. This creates an enormous amount of data and questions about the impact of your brand and content in the social web.  Understanding the emerging metrics of social media can make or break your customer-centric marketing campaigns.  We're on the leading edge of the new social media metrics analysis and we can help you sift the data for actionable information.

Marketing Analytics

Another important part of our work (back to the "quant" thing again) is measuring, managing and analyzing marketing initiatives' performance to determine and maximize effectiveness and ensure a maximum return on investment (ROI).  Equally important to us, marketing analytics offer important insights into customer preferences and trends. Our process involves creating a metrics framework to monitor marketing performance, and then developing and utilizing "marketing dashboards" to manage marketing performance.  We offer several dashboard solutions as part of our CMDB work.

New Tools and Services on the Horizon

An exciting aspect of our business coming soon will be availability of analytics services directly through our web site here.  Through a combination of partnering and developing our own specialized apps C[IQ] will soon be able to offer you powerful analytic services to raise your customer IQ.  Stay tuned and contact us for details.