What We Do

We catalyze customer retention.

We're in a dynamic economic climate.  The always-on society is well established.  Switching costs are continually dropping.  Customer retention has become your most important brand management initiative.

We advise clients ranging from venture-backed Start-Ups to the Fortune 1000, primarily with consumer-facing business,  on digital strategies for retention and loyalty marketing.  This includes all aspects of customer intelligence acquisition and application... thus our name "C[IQ]."  We are unique  in that we sit at the confluence of direct/brand marketing, business  strategy, and digital marketing technology.

Our services include:

  • Customer IQ assessment, analysis, and strategy
  • Customer marketing database design, development, and deployment
  • Customer registration, profile creation and management, and single-sign on solutions
  • Customer community membership platform design and development
  • Customer loyalty program design and development
  • Marketing and web analytics applications, systems, services, and support
  • Customer data security and privacy policy consulting
  • Digital and direct marketing campaign design, development, and deployment
  • Social CRM campaign design, development, and deployment

Our solutions help your customers become more engaged, more loyal, and more profitable.

How we work:

We are not a technology development shop (well, at least not yet; we can talk about some things we're working on in the basement later).  But for all intents and purposes we are not here to scratch build your marketing technology as a custom solution.

We serve as your outsourced marketing technology expert to:

  • Conceive, design, source, and manage CRM and direct marketing programs and tools. 
  • Serve as analysts, designers, evaluators, project managers, and your launch team. 
  • Sherpa RFP processes and help you select and implement marketing technologies.
  • Apply customer analytics and leverage the resulting information.

We take a 360-degree view of your needs, requirements, goals, and objectives.  From considering revenue targets to market share goals, from customer data acquisition and related legal and regulatory implications, to the total cost of ownership between competing solutions, our domain expertise is there for your immediate leverage.

Above all, we're flexible in our engagements; some need us "end-to-end" while others have a very specific assignment or problem to solve.  In short, we need to talk about your situation and your needs.  So let's start that conversation soon.