Society Matters

The National Geographic Society is the patriarch of visually chroniciling our planet and its inhabitants. 

How do you evolve a 124-year-old brand from a paper-and-ink based consumer relationship to a community-centric relationship that delivers relevant, timely member interactions across all consumer touch points?  How do you reinvent "membership" in a digital age where community and content are converging? Teaming with "NatGeo," that's our challenge. 

We can't share the solution just yet, but we think you're going to be delighted by the result.

Stay tuned.  

Just Doing it Directly

How do you bring end-user consumer knowledge and consumer-centric practices into a wholesale focused, multi-billion dollar, highly matrixed global brand?  How can this global leader in footwear, apparel and fitness gear truly understand their consumers, the majority of whom purchase through a channel that seaprates the brand from the point of sale? 

The answer is a wholistic CRM strategy that began with the architecture of a comprehensive, extensible consumer marketing database and robust analytics.  Teaming with the brand (which included one of our principals actually joining their senior management ranks for an extended time),  we implemented the solution through a goal-directed design to empower a true 360-degree view of their consumer. 

Our solution is wired for a digital age that uniquely integrates products, services, and consumer experiences to maximize the brand's lifetime walletshare of each consumer.

The Essentials of Relationship Management

How do you deliver valuable experiences to each customer to move them from knowing the Bare Escentuals product to loving the Bare Escentuals brand while driving revenue growth?  How do you provide an extensible solution with a focus on the current bottom-line, but a vision for the future of a digital age relationship? 

The answers are barely visible yet, but we think you're going to be impressed with the results.  Stay tuned as the brand moves from barely understanding their customers to intimately serving their beauty and health desires.