Dear Monday

We know its Tuesday.  But Monday was one of "those" days.  You know, the kind of Mondays that Moma Cass (The Momas and the Papas) used to sing about.  Geesh, each of us here had grand plans to accomplish but sometimes it all just crashes and burns... including plans for more postings on our CRM definition discussion.

So, we can't recall who sent this to us, but it seemed like a perfect way to sum up our feeling about yesterday's "Monday meltdown" :


Gregory Miller, CTO

Greg has been in the tech sector as a software architect and engineer, product manager, marketing and biz dev exec., and even IP and privacy lawyer for 3 decades. He is currently on the Board of a non-profit tech foundation reinventing America's election technology, is a venture adviser in the Silicon Valley, and serves as the CTO for C[IQ] Strategies, Inc.