Where Have We Been?

Happy First Friday in August!

We really didn't mean to appear on vacation here.  The hiatus from blog posting hasn't been intended, but we've been buried in some exciting projects and with a major launch of one last week we're finally coming up for air. 

We promise to share some of what we've been working on; our challenge is, one of the projects is in total stealth mode for a well known brand.  The 2nd is for a fairly well heeled start-up, which we can tell you about shortly (they actually launched Beta this week), and the 3rd is for another well backed start-up that we simply can't say anything other than things like "massively multi-player gaming," "enormous customer intelligence play" (in a responsible way), and well, "Facebook" (without being too sure any more how much that last keyword is really all that helpful ;-)

Stay tuned; we promise: we're back!


Gregory Miller, CTO

Greg has been in the tech sector as a software architect and engineer, product manager, marketing and biz dev exec., and even IP and privacy lawyer for 3 decades. He is currently on the Board of a non-profit tech foundation reinventing America's election technology, is a venture adviser in the Silicon Valley, and serves as the CTO for C[IQ] Strategies, Inc.