Happy (Belated) Twitter Day

If you haven't seen the news this week about Twitter, then you missed Twitter's 6th Birthday.  To be precise, the public birthday of Twitter is July 15th, the date Twitter actually became generally publicly available, but that's another dispute.  To be sure, its first use, internally by its co-founder Jack Dorsey, was on the 21st of March, 2006.  Either way, its already been 6 years since the start of an experiment that has become a social phonmenon.  Microblogging; condensing your thoughts into 140 characters, and doing so cleverly by using URL shorteners and hashtags.

Indeed, its become a imperative consumer-facing social marketing tool (in addition to being a critical channel of democracy driving revolutions.) So pervasive Twitter has become that comScore reports Twitter.com attracted more than 178 million unique visitors across the globe in February.  In 2006 when Twitter went to SXSW Conference there were approximately 224 "tweets" about the conference.  This past SXSW conference week before last witnessed over 220,000 tweets in the first 48 hours alone.

Our parting shot for this Friday is "Happy Belated Birthday Twitter."  We may well mark the 21st March henceforth as "Twitter Day."  And why not?