In Hopes of Avoiding a Mayan Sunrise

We're going to try to start a Friday habit of what we'll call our "Parting Shot" for the week.  Here is our first of hopefully a regular series of Friday Parting Shots...

During a lunch break today, someone reminded us about the forecast of Earth's impending doom.  And it got us thinking.  So, if you believe the Mayan Calendar, on 21 December 2012 the Earth's polar caps are going to reverse polarity tossing the Earth out of orbiting the sun, and send us all hurtling into outer space. 

In such case, having a strategic plan in place for how you will extend your customer relationships through the holiday season is probably useless. 

Of course, should the sun happen to rise on the morning of the 22nd, then having such a plan in place might be a very good idea.  Your choice.  But if you happen to be one of those who believes the Mayans seriously goofed their calculations of that date, we hope you remember our parting shot...

...which is to remind you we're here from sun-up to sun-down (and often times in between) to help you with your strategic plans to extend your customer relationships through the holidays and beyond.

Have a great weekend of March Madness :-)


Gregory Miller, CTO

Greg has been in the tech sector as a software architect and engineer, product manager, marketing and biz dev exec., and even IP and privacy lawyer for 3 decades. He is currently on the Board of a non-profit tech foundation reinventing America's election technology, is a venture adviser in the Silicon Valley, and serves as the CTO for C[IQ] Strategies, Inc.